Lindsay Wunsch

Before Epicure I was living on fast food and processed pre-packaged foods. I didn’t know very much about nutrition and the effect food could have on my body, or that the manual labour that I did at my job didn’t have to be a struggle! I had very low energy to do the activities I loved like dancing and fitness classes as well I had brain fog from lack of nutrients. I didn’t realize that there could be a quick and easy way to prepare healthy and delicious meals for myself and my partner, or that I could do it on a budget!

I was introduced to Epicure by my friend of 7 years, Tammy, and I have now been sharing Epicure for over 10 years! It was in early 2009 when I got pregnant with my first child that I really started to focus on how I was eating and realized that everything I was putting into my body was going directly into my baby’s body too. I didn’t want my baby to be exposed to the excess amounts of salt, sugar and fat that I was accustomed to eating because I knew that these unhealthy eating habits could cause numerous diseases and childhood obesity. It didn’t matter to me what I put into my body, but as soon as you realize you are responsible for another human being, well.....I wanted to give my baby the best start that she could possibly have before she even came into the world!

As an Epicure consultant I had the perfect solution right in front of me and I didn’t even realize it! Here I had only been using these blends for making the occasional dip when entertaining guests. Now I use it for what it is really meant for – preparing quick, healthy, wholesome and absolutely delicious meals for me, my partner and most importantly our two beautiful, healthy, happy children. I feel great knowing that I’m setting my kids on a path of proper nutrition. I want them to grow up knowing how to make good food choices, and knowing that it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to eat properly at home or on the go. We don’t have to stop at Taco Time for soft meat bur